Hello đź‘‹ we're adam & aoki.

A revolution in sunburn protection

Over the last two years, we've been hard at work creating an easy to use, scalable technology that can help reduce sunburn.  At the core of the technology is an innovative warning system that - without phones, apps or the internet - warns people that they are at risk of getting sunburnt.

Specially designed for different skin types, our technology will be hitting stores near you soon 🚀.

"This technology has great potential in contributing to the reduction of sunburn. The advantage of this system is that it acts like a second skin. This means that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or the time of day, the technology will work."

Dr. Karl Lawrence, Photobiologist and UV Radiation Expert  

"As a busy Mum, it can be hard trying to make sure the kids are well protected. Sometimes it’s a big fight just to get one layer of suncream on. This technology makes life so much easier and the kids really love the colour change. It’s an easy way to teach them to come and find us when they see a red sleeve”

Rebecca Zausmer, Mum of two

"I love the the idea of the technology. The color changing concept adam & aoki uses is great and I can see it becoming favourites in no time. As a parent, the mission and values are also something I can really get behind”

Jade de Muir-Jones, Mum of four