Hello. We’re adam & aoki, a technology company dedicated to developing technology that reduces sunburn. We go beyond being a brand. We’re a movement revolutionising the interactions between people and the sun.

Our innovative technology warns users that they are at risk of getting sunburnt. Using a specially developed warning system, our products detect dangerous UV rays and warn you via a clear colour change. The warning system also takes into account both your skin type and the time it takes you to burn and doesn’t require phones, apps or electronics.

Welcome to clothing 4.0, where functionality meets fashion 

Mission 🚀

adam & aoki is on a mission to reduce sunburn. We want to establish our technology as the leading sunburn prevention. No gimmicks. It’s time for functional fabrics and technology to take centre stage.

What makes us adam & aoki

1. #changeit. If you’re unhappy or upset with something, be the agent of change.

2. Transparency. No good ever came of lies and secrecy. Just ask Romeo & Juliet.

3. Doing good. Solving real-world problems is what gets us out of bed in the morning and we’d like to keep it that way.

4. Persevere. Let’s agree to never give up on our individual and shared challenges.

5. Sustainability. We ❤ planet earth 🌎but for it to keep being planet earth we need to take care of it.

6. Focus on priorities and prioritise focus. All the unimportant stuff can wait.

7. Being busy is a mindset. You’re never too busy to do something. You just didn’t make time for it and that’s fine with us.

8. Be forever flexibile. If a 90-year-old 👵👴can do the splits what’s your excuse?

9. Have Fun. Nothing — and we really mean nothing — should be boring. Including socks 🧦.

10. Stay Curious 🐵. They say curiosity killed the cat but we promise it won’t kill you. Quite the opposite in fact.

11. Sharing. We think you’re amazing and we genuinely mean it. Only thing we ask is that you share your amazingness with everyone around you.