How it works

At the core of our sunburn warning system is an innovative technology that - without phones, apps or the internet - warns people that they are at risk of getting sunburnt.

Warnings come into effect before the skin gets burnt, giving children and adults much needed time to take preventative action.


Incorporated into the warning system is technology that enables us to take into account the varying times it takes different skin types to burn.                    

Simplicity is central to our technology. Not the bad kind where it's too simple, it's the good kind that makes your life easier.

In three easy-to-teach steps, our warning system tells you when the sun is becoming dangerous. Whether you have a medical condition, sensitive skin or spend large amounts of time outdoors, our technology helps keep you safe from the sun.

Our goal is that children can be taught that when they see a red sleeve it's time to go to an adult for either sun cream, long sleeve clothing or a rest from the sun. Combined with adults' eagle eyes, we think it's the perfect combination to help prevent sunburn!